Assisted Living Facility vs. Family Care Home

With all the senior living options available,
it’s important to find a place that feels like home.

At its core, Avendelle has something in common with larger facilities in that we all provide assisted living solutions for aging seniors. What sets us apart is our devotion to individualized care for every resident. To keep that individualized focus, we provide assisted living services in the atmosphere of residential houses. Our homes are an alternative to large assisted living facilities — an alternative where every resident is valued, in a house nestled within a typical residential community, in which everyone is treated with dignity, compassion, and care. 

The Meaning of “Home”

Staying in their own homes is all that many seniors want. As we age; however, the demands of health, safety, and well-being can make aging in one’s current place impossible. The idea of putting a loved one “in a home” has taken on an unfortunate meaning that has little to do with what “home” means to most of us. Avendelle is working to change this paradigm by creating residential care homes that genuinely feel like home. Each of our residences is a single-family house in a residential neighborhood, designed to meet the needs of aging seniors. Private and semi-private bedrooms preserve personalization and privacy. With an average of just six residents in each residence1, the feel is more family than facility. If it’s important to you that your loved one feels truly at home, don’t miss your opportunity to consider this alternative to larger, higher capacity facilities.

The Avendelle Difference

With 13 years of experience and more than 21 residential care homes in operation, Avendelle delivers long-term all-inclusive care in a small residential care home setting – but with the resource network of a much larger organization. Here are some of the ways our homes differ from larger facilities.

Size. A large assisted living facility feels perfectly comfortable to some seniors, while others prefer a slower pace and a more intimate setting. You should know that you have options. Avendelle has the resources of a larger organization, but we keep our homes small. This approach allows us to deliver stellar, one-on-one care that’s tailored to the individual. Your loved one will never be just a number at Avendelle. With an average of just six residents per home1, they can’t help but become one of the family!

Personalization. From the art on the walls to the skills of our caretakers, every aspect of life within an Avendelle residential care home is determined by the needs of individual residents. Focusing on a few residents in each home allows us the freedom to really get to know them and to adjust the living space to so that it works for the few, rather than the many. One size fits all doesn’t fit here! If you’re concerned about your loved one’s voice being heard and honored, Avendelle’s resident-centered approach will put your mind at ease.

Meaningful Interaction. In our homes, interpersonal interaction is a way of life. Each home is a small community of five to eight residents who know and care for one another, overseen by consistent caregivers who have the time and capacity to provide every resident with individualized attention. There’s always a friendly face and our caregivers and staff are trained to make sure every resident is engaged, attending meals, receiving appropriate care, and enjoying an excellent quality of life. Avendelle provides plenty of opportunities for recreation, leisure, and interaction, but it’s the day-to-day family atmosphere that many of our residents value most.

Caregiver Access. In a high-capacity assisted living facility, services are delivered on an as-needed basis. In Avendelle’s residential care homes, our professionals are present and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist with bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, laundry, housekeeping, medications, social activities, and any other personal care need. Thanks to our 3-to-1 ratio1, our caregivers and residents get to know one another. Though our caretakers don’t provide skilled nursing, they can help manage health conditions and provide support when a resident wants to move about. In addition to our caregivers, many of our homes include regular visits from physicians or offer additional memory care services.

Private Homes. Most assisted living facilities consist of many apartments staffed by a revolving cast of caregivers. Avendelle’s residential care homes, by contrast, are beautiful single-family homes located in wonderful, highly accessible neighborhoods. Residents enjoy contributing personal style to the space, as well as privacy and independence. Since the homes are operated by Avendelle, there’s no resident owner involved in day-to-day living, as is often the case in smaller homes. It’s the best of both worlds – each house is a home, but residents enjoy access to all the resources Avendelle has to offer.

Which is right for your loved one?

Every assisted living facility has its pros and cons. To find out if an Avendelle home might be a good fit for your loved one, let’s start with a conversation. Just submit the inquiry form on any page of our website to get personalized answers about life in our family care homes. There’s never any pressure, and we’d love to hear from you!


1 – Varies by location and time of day; please inquire for details.