Is Assisted Living in Raleigh NC the Answer To The Needs of the Aging?


There will a a time in your life when you will need to assess the condition of your elderly loved ones. A grandparent may need to be reminded of taking medication or a great-uncle may have to be assisted when taking a shower. The question, however, lies on the type of care that should be provided. Should the elderly be simply reminded of certain tasks or is heading to an assisted-living facility the answer?

According to a U.S. News & World Report article, there are certain situations that one should consider first before making a life-altering decision:

For some aging relatives, though, it may be time to consider an assisted-living facility or even a nursing home in the most serious circumstances, such as when a relative has a fall and suddenly needs around-the-clock care.

Assisted living services is recommended particularly for the elderly whose cognitive and physical abilities are starting to deteriorate, making it difficult to perform normal tasks and care for themselves. There are instances, however, in which the elderly family members have to be observed first before they are sent to a nursing home. The decision will depend basically on the current health of the senior and the extent of assistance he or she needs with daily activities such as dressing, running errands, taking a bath, and cooking meals.

If you’re looking into a possible Raleigh, NC assisted living facility, it is best to consider those that offer 24 hour care, medication management, and physician supervision such as The Haven Family Care Homes. Offering immediate aid when needed while maintaining the individual’s privacy and freedom should also be practiced by a reputable facility.

Furthermore, Raleigh, NC senior care facilities should allow the elderly to engage in different recreational and social activities on their own or with fellow residents. Whether it’s exercising or simply getting into a nutritional program, a monitored yet active lifestyle should be implemented.

If you’re determined to send your loved ones to an assisted living facility, the adjustment can be a difficult one. There is no doubt, however, that a reputable senior home can provide the right care and assistance to help the elderly continue living life to the fullest even in their sunset years.

(From Is It Time to Find Elder Care For Your Aging Parent?, U.S. News, January 4, 2013)