The Value of Consistent Caregivers

Seeing the same caregivers on a regular basis
improves quality of care and quality of life for aging seniors.

consistent senior caregivers


A Familiar Face

When you’re relying on someone for personal care, there’s nothing better than seeing a friendly face. At Avendelle, it’s essential to us that our residents feel comfortable asking for help whenever they need it. We understand that the bond built between seniors and caregivers has the power to uplift, empower, and encourage. That’s why we keep caregivers as consistent as possible in our homes instead of rotating them between locations or relying on agencies to fill positions. At Avendelle, our residents know their housemates and their caregivers, so there’s always a friendly face when it’s time to ask for help.

An Established Dialogue

It’s an unfortunate reality that communication challenges can be a barrier to care. By promoting caregiver consistency, Avendelle gives caregivers the opportunity to observe residents over time. Thanks to established relationships, caregivers are better equipped to recognize behavior changes, notice subtle signs, and intervene early when new problems or conditions arise. This is key to medical care, but also to everyday living. If a resident starts behaving differently, a caring staff member can ask informed questions and make sure that the resident’s health, safety, and comfort are all where they need to be.

Comfort & Trust

We know that trust takes time to build and that you’ll likely be choosing a senior care solution before you’ve had time to establish trust. But you should know that building trust between our staff members, caregivers, residents, and their loved ones is core to our mission at Avendelle. When it comes to caregiver consistency, we are committed to seeing that our senior residents are receiving care at all times from caregivers they know and trust. Even when they’re just getting to know us, we pay close attention to ensure that your loved one is comfortable with his or her caregivers. We’re confident that, over time, the trust we build will lead to a higher standard of care and enhanced quality of life.

The Role of Routine

Providing consistent, compassionate caregivers is just one way that we prioritize consistency at Avendelle. But our commitment to predictable care goes beyond which caregivers are interacting with your loved one. The way in which care is delivered is also significant. Following a routine can have an enormous impact on seniors, making the experience of each day more positive. The value of predictability is even higher if memory loss or dementia becomes a factor. Our caregivers establish individualized routines for each of our residents, giving a much-appreciated rhythm to the day. Flexibility is built in, of course! We see the benefits play out every day in each of our homes.

Benefits of a daily routine for seniors include:

  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety, Disorientation, and Confusion
  • An Improved Sense of Safety & Security
  • Less Disruption when New Caregivers Step In
  • Reduced Sundowning for those with Alzheimer’s

To us, following a routine means doing the same basic activities around the same time every day to give the day structure and a predictable flow. We still maintain flexibility in case seniors want to try a new activity or visit with loved ones.

A Caregiving Team that Values Consistency

As you can see, Avendelle is a team that values consistency at all levels. We’ve found that seeing the same caregivers on a regular basis improves not only quality of care, but also quality of life for aging seniors. When your loved one lives in an Avendelle home, you can rest easy knowing that there’s always a friendly face nearby to help. To learn more about assisted living at Avendelle’s residential care homes, request more information today.